• Depression Keeps 19 Million Adults From Being Productive


    Internationally known motivational speaker, Connie Podesta, feels there is a link between depression and the blend of one's home life and work life. "One major reason for depression is the feeling of guilt in having to choose between family and work", points out Podesta. By taking control of your life, you reduce the tension from having to make excuses to your boss, friends, and family for spending excessive time from one to the other.

    There are six keys to balancing your life:

    ==> People need a healthy, functional environment. People need a place that is safe, a place where they can go to escape the negatives of a bad day. They need a sanctuary to rebuild their spirit for the next day. Fair rules and boundaries are a key to creating this environment.

    ==> People need positive relationships. You must seek out positive relations and repair, constrain, or eliminate negative relationships. But it must be done right, keeping important relationships.

    ==> Dealing with negative experiences. We choose how to react to every situation. By dealing positively with negative life experiences, we can keep our life in perspective.

    ==> Building positive self-esteem. Thinking positively about yourself is not easy. Don't expect people to pour compliments over you. Seek ways to build your self esteem on a continue basis.

    ==> Making timely decisions. Too many people have a problem making either the little decisions or they struggle with big decisions. Some people have problems with both. Failure to make timely decisions affects mental and physical health, throwing life into imbalance.

    ==> Learning how to handle personal problems. Being able to identify the magnitude of personal problems and resolving the problems quickly and positively eliminates their impact on longer-term happiness.

    Although you may have mastered one or more of these aspects already, true balance will elude you until you reach the point that you have had moderate success in all six areas.


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