• What Condition Is Your Hair In?


    Our hair can be categorized in three different ways:

    • Healthy

    • Dry

    • Damaged

    Characteristics of Healthy Hair

    • Smooth texture and feel

    • Shiny

    • Hair loss is 75-100 strands per day

    • Hair loss consists of entire hair strands (contains bulb)

    • Holds curl well

    • Relatively easy to comb while wet

    • Good elasticity (hair strand stretches when pulled)

    • Healthy scalp

    • No breakage

    • Minimal split ends

    Characteristics of Dry or Stressed Hair

    • Hair loss is 75-100+ per day

    • Hair is dry to the touch but responds well to moisture

    • May have some scalp problems

    • Dull appearance

    • Itchy scalp

    • Loses curl easily

    • May be frizzy

    • Hair has poor elasticity (does not stretch before breaking)

    • Breakage (hair strands are short)

    • Split ends

    Characteristics of Damaged Hair

  • Dull

  • Dry

  • Coarse

  • Frequent use of oil does not help retain moisture and/or the effects do not last long

  • Tangles easily, difficult to comb while wet

  • Frizzy

  • Breakage is severe in spots

  • Visible split ends

  • Scalp may be unhealthy

  • May have excessive dandruff

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