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  • Depression and Procrastination: Twins in the Job Search


    My definition of procrastination is that a person delays and delays actions that are required by a job or actionsnecessary to accomplish somethingin everyday life.

    Depression is a mental state that"almost freezes" a person into noaction at all.

    While procrastination can be over-come by a change of behavior andattitude, depression has its core issues of lassitude, feelingsof hopelessness, anger and of givingup.

    What do the two have in common? Ithink that procrastination is oftena temporary trait, but depressionis something that will takes lots oftime and energy to overcome. Bothlead to a lack of action.

    It is action, however, that has to take place for a job seeker to havesuccess. Personal procras-tination takes time to overcome. Overcoming depression, if it is long-term, may take the intervention of either a professional or drugtherapy.

    Both mental places have the effect of"dampening down" the actions of thejob seeker. Elimination of bothof these negative states of mind, hasto take place for a job seeker to beminimally effective.

    I think it is the "keep moving" philosophy that works!


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