• Raise Your Feeling Frequency with a Loving Smile


    In every moment of our life we have the choice to think any thought we like. Sometimes we forget that we have the freedom to choose what we think in any moment. It does not matter what is happening in our life and what we are surrounded by.

    We can choose to change are vibration and feeling happier, just by our intention. If your current thoughts are heavy and feel like they are holding you down. Choose to change your mind on what you feel. A soft loving smile will start to raise your vibration and increase your loving feeling for yourself and others.

    Know that your thoughts have an attraction and similar vibrations will be drawn to you. Feel 100% happy in each moment just by choosing to. When we raise our vibration with positive loving thoughts, of things we can appreciate with joy; imagine these things being drawn into your life.

    You are a creative being allow yourself to think your highest thought. Dream your sweetest dream, feel your vibration raise, lightening and starting to glow like a magnet; feel the energy of love coming around you. Feel the power of your self-love and appreciation. Use your breath to connect to your finer feeling levels by consciously breathing.

    Breathe and feel the love coming in with each breath. Feel your energies expanding and gaining in presence and charisma. Know that as you become in tune and connect with your higher self, feel yourself expanding and becoming as one with the Universe.

    Feel the connection to what you desire, feel it as a part of yourself with no separation. Know that you have that desire within you already. Your dream is fulfilled as soon as you dream it. The object you desire is already available to you in your imagination. Know that the imagination is the finest level of the creation process.

    Your energies start to glow and vibrate with these high frequencies and your love become more subtle and refined. Know that these finer feeling levels connect you to your universal energy. Ask your guides and helpers and angels to come around you. Give yourself permission to talk with these subtle friends. Ask for help with the issues in your life. Know that these issues are caused by an imbalance in the energies.

    By loving yourself and connecting to your higher self and finer levels of feeling, know that you are automatically balancing the energies around you. There is no effort involved with this process. As you joy and love increases so your life will start to flow in a frictionless way just watch your self grow in all these loving qualities that you have chosen to focus on with your feeling and your thoughts.

    Grow in peace and happiness by conscious creation and raising the loving feelings and watch your life flow with these qualities.


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