• How to Get Rid of Your Worries: 5 Golden Rules and a Warning


    Suresh was a worried person when he came to me . "Sir what if I don't get placement ? I feel that I will fail in the coming exam. I don't know how my family will face this!" It seemed to me he was imagining all problems and getting very much worried!! This is the case of many of us; we keep worrying about events that have only remote possibility to happen. Once a friend of mine put on footwear and later knew that a dog may have bitten it the day before. The moment he knew it he began to worry; what if my leg had an unseen wound and the dog was a mad dog? Added to this was the doubt what will happen if he takes a vaccination and there is a reaction to it? Finally he had to consult many doctors to convince that he was worrying for nothing!! In this short article I try to give five methods to avoid unnecessary worries.

    1. Be in the present:

    When a thought train begins or when you find that a thought train carries you away, intentionally come back to the present and look at a tree or beautiful or interesting scene in the present and think about it.


    Get the facts and analyze them to see whether your worry is well founded. In many cases you will find that you are worrying for nothing. Also if it is problem with an emotional factor you will benefit very much from looking it from an outsiders perspective, or even in the perspective of some other person. Another way is to look at the problem from a future point of time. You will find changed dimensions of the problem by this.

    3.Think positively:

    Positive ideas and constructive thought have great power, while negative ideas and destructive thinking poison your mind. Whenever you find that you are slipping into negative thoughts, make a conscious effort to replace them with positive thoughts and positive feelings.

    4 Become Engaged. It is often told that an Idle mind is devils workshop. An Idle mind is just like a monkey, moving to unnecessary places. But if you engage yourselves in activities, your worries are forgotten and you are better off. Find a hobby or creative activity which will detract you from your worries.

    5. don't get isolated. Talk to other people, not about your worries but about them, their plans and their views. Also assume the role of a patient hearer. When you find that you are sharing their problems and trying to solve them, your view will be changing from a worried man to a problem solver. Also you may find that your worries are petite compared to their real problems!!

    Warning : Never use intoxication as a solution of your worries. It will increase the depression and also cause more damage.


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